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Newsletter ebook cover

If you have ever thought about producing a newsletter, this an E-book that you need to purchase. It is only available in Kindle format.

In this short book, you will learn the 14 steps to produce a professional newsletter. I take you from the general idea of what a newsletter should be to the publication of the final product and distribution.

At $2.99, this instructional book is a steal! Order your copy today at Amazon.com. Click here to be taken to the Kindle Bookstore.

book seminar

In this seminar, you will learn:

• How to outline (plot) the content of your book in less than a week
• How to write your drafts so that you save time when you edit your book
• How to format the manuscript so that you save time when you publish your book
• How to use promotional practices that will cost you little, if any money
• And much more!

This video seminar is a must, and the normal price is $39.95, plus $5 for shipping and handling. But if you order it now, you can get it with free shipping for only $35.

This video will get you on your way to writing your first book! Click on the PayPal button now.

logos disc

Using Logos Bible Software® in an Acadmic Setting

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Successfully Using and Documenting Sources Found in Logos Bible Software®. With this video you will learn:

How to efficiently use the in-text search tools
How to annotate the software's automatic footnotes
Best practices in documenting sources
and much more.

To watch the sales video or order this video click here.