There are six steps necessary to ordering your slideshow. The steps are outlined below:


You will need to pay the non-fundable deposit for the selected package either by check or Paypal when you submit the order form.

If you desire to pay with credit card, you will need to use Paypal. For your convenience, use the PayPal button provided here. It will take you to our secure ordering page. 

Slideshow Packages


We will include the photographs you send to us—but keep in mind that the quality of the material you send determines part of the quality of the product we can make.  Damaged pictures, faded pictures, and age-worn memorabilia (i.e. newspaper clippings, certificates) will appear that way in the slideshow.  If you are sending your photos as digital images, do not change the resolution of the original image.  Risqué or pornographic material will not be accepted.

Put the loose photographs in the order you want them to appear in the slideshow.  Using a pencil, lightly mark the number of each photograph on the back of the photograph, or you could just place a post-it note on the back of each picture.  If you want a caption to appear with a picture, place that on a post-it note on the back of the picture.  NEVER USE A MAGIC MARKER OR SHARPIE ON THE BACK OF A PICTURE AS IT WILL BLEED THROUGH THE PHOTO AND RUIN IT.  Place the pictures in an envelope for safe keeping.

If you are sending digital images, change the file name of each photo to a number.  If you want a caption with a picture, include that in the file name of the digital image.  For example, Digital Image 37 could be renamed to 37 Aunt Mary.  You can send these images on a thumb drive or a CD.  Although email might be used, it is not the best option as many email programs have a limit on how many “megs” can be sent as an attachment.

If you are using a mixture of digital images and print photographs, number them accordingly.  For example photographs 1-4, digital images 5, 6, photographs 7-9, etc.

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